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Xiph Cyber

Xiph Cyber Concierge Service

Xiph Cyber Concierge Service

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We stand by our products and services providing complete peace of mind in our security and software solutions.

Peace of mind and support for your hardware and software

Xiph Cyber customers appreciate the expertise, technical service and support that our team provides to ensuring data security and privacy. We offer extended after purchase support, to ensure that you have total peace of mind when it comes to managing, monitoring and maintaining optimal levels of protection.

Our trained experts are ready to help you stay in control of your data and your security, for 12 months or more, after you complete your purchase. These services include:

Technical Support

  • All of your questions answered – usage, optimisation, installation and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting equipment, hardware or software issues with a case manager
  • Our trained team will help with any issue – breakages, faults or ‘glitches’
  • Notifications about current and potential threats your data security

Subscription/Renewal Control

  • Your account manager will remind you when it’s time to renew subscriptions or licences
  • Be notified of upgrades, or products and services becoming obsolete
  • Be the first to know about discounts and offers on relevant services, products and offers

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

  • Available in digital and printed formats

Simply add the required period of concierge service for each* of your devices at the checkout. Feel free to contact our team, if you require assistance or help with issue resolution.

Note: This is a support service only and does not extend, invalidate or replace existing warranties that are provided by manufacturers.

*a discretionary fair use limit does apply to the number of devices to which a customer can assign or request concierge services.

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