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Xiph Cyber

Private SIM Cards

Private SIM Cards

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No contracts to be signed. No personal information to be provided. Everything you want from a SIM, without the strings.

Mobile Private and secure – SIMs that make sense

On-device security only goes so far. The modern-day telco’s SIM cards usually have unrestricted access to your data, call logs and internet history.

Without adequate protection, all of your business and private data can be laid bare to organisations, just like the one that gave you your “feature-rich” phone. This seems to be an established pattern and the privacy deck is stacked against the average business and consumer. It’s time to even the odds. 

These sims work using data only and can be used worldwide, and recharges and changes all happen through our secure online portal. Only you will know what is happening and without the restraints of a contract.

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