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Librem Key

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Provable security, made easy

With your GPG keys safely on the Librem Key, using encryption across multiple devices just got easier. Just insert your Librem Key whenever you want to encrypt, sign, or decrypt. Your keys are protected with a PIN so they are safe even in the hands of an attacker.

When you store your most sensitive data on a device, it’s even more important that you can trust the hardware and the software. Since the Librem Key is built on open hardware with free software firmware, you can verify both against security bugs and backdoors. You retain ownership and control of your device, not us.

The Librem Key features a tamper-resistant OpenPGP smart card that can store up to 4096-bit RSA keys and up to 512-bit ECC keys and can even securely generate them directly on the device. Ordinary GPG keys stored on your computer can be copied and used by hackers to decrypt your emails and documents, but once private keys are on the Librem Key, they stay on there and can’t be copied – encryption and decryption happens on the key itself!

The Key to Convenient Security

You should use a long passphrase to protect your encrypted hard drive but typing it in each time you boot up can be inconvenient. With a Librem Key linked to your encrypted drive, you can boot your system, insert your key, and enter your PIN when prompted. You can always fall back to your passphrase if your Librem Key isn’t at hand.


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