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Xiph Cyber

IntactPhone Opaque

IntactPhone Opaque

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The best mobile endpoint protection platform for running security-minded organizations.

Heavily secured. Rugged. Inexpensive.

Best-of-all-worlds security solution for everyday mobile essentials:

  • Fends off voice and data interception
  • Protects against IMSI Catchers
  • Locks-out physical data extraction
  • Dismantles malicious apps threats
  • Blocks Wi-Fi & network MITM attacks
  • Eliminates Trojan & Malware injection
  • Protects against careless use
  • Deploys locked-down network

Hardened Device

Fully trusted devices with built-in security running on reliable bootloader and drivers.

Custom-Built OS

Purpose-built privacy by custom OS with security-rich kernel enhancements.

Command & Control

Fused central governance with unique security measures to control, track, monitor and alert against cyber threats.

Secured Communications

Encrypted voice and messaging, push-to-talk & secured attachments on any Android™ or iOS device.

Security Apps

Diverse powerful suite of security tools including threat detection, antimalware and network monitoring.

Performance Assurance

Built –in remote control technology & self-troubleshooting app enable remediation & productivity.

    Employ Trusted Technology

    • Reliable hardware; locked bootloader; official drivers & verified integrity
    • Proprietary obfuscation layer across device resources
    • No Google services (an optional hybrid solution)
    • OS-fused defense controls across devices
    • Trusted Execution Environment
    • Enhanced data-at-rest encryption
    • Threat intelligence across device, network and application
    • Remote control technology

    Securely Communicate

    • Fully secure and semi-secure communications
    • ZRTP; SRTP; TLS; AES 256; SHA-384
    • Anti-eavesdropping controls
    • Persistent VPN
    • a virtual phone number

    A single console unifies management of all mobile endpoints

    Custom-built device

    Protect mobile communications and data with the highest security level based on purpose-built Android-like device.


    Manage diverse fleet of mobile devices via central console enriched with encrypted communications and support tool-set.


    Cloud service

    Cloud service aligned with IT mobility goals.


    On-premises environment to maximize security.

    OS IntactOS based on Android 11
    CPU Octa Core
    RAM 8GB
    Storage 128GB
    Screen 6.36 inch; IPS LCD
    Resolution FHD + 1080 * 2300, 19:9
    Battery 4980mAh
    Camera Front: 16MP; Rear 12/16MP
    SIM Dual SIM
    IP IP68/IP69K
    Networks & Bands GSM, 3G, LTE, 5G; Europe / USA / LATAM / Asia
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