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For most people, buying the latest Macbook or Chromebook and springing for a few bumped-up specs satisfies their technological egos. For others, they want something truly purpose-built to suit their every need and realise their every dream. Something with power. Something to call their own.

And that’s what they get, with our customised Purism laptops.

These state-of-the-art, privacy-first laptops are so versatile and customisable that typing out every available option would quickly lead to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, until we chat, know the following:

  • We offer a range of hardware, all made by those game-changers - Purism
  • We can beef up almost every spec that your tastebuds crave (ram, HDD, memory
  • You are in control and can venture inside the OS, bundled software and the deepest levels of your machine.
  • You don’t need to worry about the machine streamlining or fusing its ports. Whatever needs to be plugged in, we can make it so.
  • Ultimately, we love nothing more than personalising a customer’s dream laptop. And whatever we can do to make it a reality, we will, with unbridled enthusiasm (I mean, who doesn’t dig creating a beast of a laptop?)


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