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Executive Packages - Phone and Laptop

Protect your enterprise

These days, conducting business online is a security nightmare - especially if you trade in sensitive information. Big tech offers alluring enterprise-wide bargains that leave you with all of the tech but none of the protection, until you’re left with leaky products made by corporations who live by the following creed “the more data we collect, the more money we make". 

Making money off the actual product is a mere formality, what they really want is your precious, precious data. 

Our business privacy packs are a raised fist and a hellraising scream at that invasive, insulting attitude. We offer a variety of carefully curated collections that cut off all outside reach at the hand, so that you can do what you love doing (running your business) without worrying about threats we should have never been put in a position to worry about in the first place. 

Below are you’ll find a list of packs; each aimed to suit a specific need and serve a specific function. Every piece of hardware and software has been designed and built from the ground up with complete privacy and security at heart. 

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