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Faraday Sleeves

Introducing Silent Pocket

Device sleeves and cases fitted with high-tech faraday cage technology

Silent Pocket offers a range of fashionable accessories that protect your digital devices in more ways than one. 

Not only do they shield your phone, tablet or laptop from physical damage, but also from digital harm. That’s right, each product is fitted with patented Faraday cage technology – a state-of-the-art material and enclosure that blocks all wireless signals from penetrating your device so that you can go off the grid without having to leave the grid.

This kind of analogue security is particularly advantageous to those on the move, allowing low visibility and the extra peace of mind of carrying around private and even sensitive information in your pocket and bag without worrying about its safety.

And speaking of safety, every Silent Pocket product was created with your health in mind, using anti-radiation shielding that absorbs and deflects harmful radiation to your body. Thanks to Silent Pocket, you now have the ability to protect your device, your data and reduce potential health risks while maintaining or even enhancing your sense of style. Each product is sleek, minimalist and designed to satisfy even the most discerning aesthetic tastes.