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VPN Subscription

VPN Subscription

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Mullvad - the world’s best and most respected virtual private network provider.

Protect your internet

“You have a right to privacy" - Mullvad’s simple, powerful tagline might seem obvious at first, but in reality, many of us have forgotten that we, if we so chose, do have a right to live a private life, whether on or offline. 

Growing up in the age of big data, it’d be easy to assume that being tracked or monitored is just part of having an online presence. Mullvad VPN is here to remind us that it doesn’t have to be that way. 


  • With Mullvad, your internet activity finally belongs to nobody but you, and no hacker or tracker can do anything about it
  • Other VPN’s claim not to log any of your data while using their networks, Mullvad DOESN’T in the strongest fashion, worldwide
  • Easier to set up, understand and use than all the mainstream VPN’s combined


  • Open source, airtight no-logging policy
  • The strongest of tunnelling protocols, no IP leaks
  • Kill switch, DNS & Malware proof, faster than average speeds
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