Graphene OS Smartphone

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Graphene OS Smartphone     

Created by Daniel Micay, Graphene OS offers Android-based operating systems designed and built from the ground up to give you unparalleled privacy and security. Partnering with Graphene OS allows us to maintain our philosophy of providing the safest and most secure technologies on the market.

“GrapheneOS deploys technologies to mitigate whole classes of vulnerabilities and make exploiting the most common sources of vulnerabilities substantially more difficult. It improves the security of both the OS and the apps running on it.” 

The OS has been hardened to mitigate against advanced hacking threats and exploits. Graphene OS respects your privacy as well as being the most secure, hardened mobile OS on the market and will never contain a backdoor or be subject to malware campaigns or phishing expeditions (targeted or otherwise).

All Graphene OS handsets come with support from the Xiph Cyber team and the Graphene OS development team which gives you the peace of mind you as a business or individual, require in this fast-moving field of mobile data security.

Features of the Graphene OS mobile platform:

  • Protection from Zero days
  • Full disk encryption
  • LTE only mode (Defend against fake cell towers)
  • Wi-Fi hardware address randomization
  • Access point privacy
  • Third party metadata leak protection
  • Automatic background updates
  • Free of Google services
  • Secure Web browser
  • Firewall network hardening
  • Source code available for 3rd party inspection
  • Rapid vulnerability patching
  • Open source and free of propriety code 


  • Storage: 128GB


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