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Faraday Sleeves for Phones

Faraday Sleeves for Phones

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Patented Faraday technology blocks your smartphone from the full range of hacking and damaging signals, whenever and wherever you go.

The Faraday phone sleeve is the easiest and most secure option to disconnect your device(s) from the digital realm. This military-grade soft case instantly blocks all wireless signals to your electronic devices including Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMF, and radiation. Enclosing a phone inside the sleeve will prevent any remote access to your apps, microphone, camera, GPS location, or data. You can also use the Faraday phone sleeve to secure car key fobs, credit cards, passports, smartwatches, and building access cards. Faraday technology is trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world. 


  • Patented Faraday cage that utilises magnetic closure: 100 dB+ blocks Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC
  • Waterproof nylon or real top-grain cow leather
  • Blocks frequencies between 800MHz - 5 GHz
  • Blocks CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G, 4G, LTE
  • Blocks Wi-Fi (2.4 - 5 GHz), Bluetooth (2.4 GHz), and GPS (1-2 GHz)
  • Blocks RFID & NFC in 13.56 MHz
  • Blocks Carrier, hardware & OS agnostics


  • Blocks all radio signals
  • Stops all tracking
  • Get off the grid in style
  • Also available in tablet, laptop & key fob size
  • Non-shielded pocket with patented magnetic closure
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