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/e/ is well established as a powerful alternative to closed mobile operating systems, delivering an entire ecosystem that prioritises privacy, security and freedom.

/e/ is a de-googled OS; its Android OS core circumvents the accessing of your personal data because it doesn’t allow Google Apps or services to access your information. Unlike many other smartphone options, Google services, networks and servers are not used and therefore an additional level of privacy over other commercial options can be offered. So, whether it’s your email platform, search engine or cloud storage, you can rest assured that your data is more secure than it was while relying on some of the other, commonly used alternatives.

/e/ doesn’t scan your data on your phone or in the cloud, neither do they track your location unless you want them to and they don’t collect information on what you’re doing with your apps. In step with our thinking at Xiph Cyber, privacy is a two-way street and we wholeheartedly support the idea that your business, organisation and you as an individual should be able to safeguard your data and online information.



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